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Pediatric Dentistry in Gurnee & Vernon Hills 

for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Here at Affiliated Dental Specialists, we are committed to providing a comfortable resource for children with special health care needs so that they can receive quality pediatric dentistry. Our Gurnee and Vernon Hills pediatric dentists Drs. Orbon and Maddox have specialized training in treating the oral health needs of such children. Like the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we value the unique qualities of each person and the need to ensure maximal health attainment for all, regardless of developmental or other special health care needs.
Our Libertyville pediatric dentists are dedicated to creating preventative strategies with you and your child’s primary health care provider, ensuring safe delivery of oral care.

Pediatric Dentistry for Special Needs Patients

With the recent increase in diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs), we have tailored the dental experience at our offices to accommodate children with these characteristics near Gurnee and Vernon Hills as well as Libertyville, Lindenhurst and Grayslake, IL. After working with many special needs patients, we have found that taking small steps toward complete dental care is a wonderful way to introduce these children to the dentistry experience. Through repetitive tasks and small steps, we can help your child develop a sense of trust with our pediatric dentists and their team. Our goal is to have our office become a friendly, familiar place for your child after several short visits.

Every child is different, so we will adapt our goals to your child’s unique tolerance level. Many children with special health care needs can be cared in the office setting. However, depending on your child’s medical condition or the complexity of treatment, his or her needs may be best served in a hospital setting. Our Lindenhurst pediatric dentists have specialized training in treating children under sedation and general anesthesia in the hospital.

How Parents Can Help

Parental involvement is also a very important aspect of special needs dentistry. In order for your child to progress while at our office, we ask that you practice the skills that we introduce to your child while you are at home as well. This way, your child may associate what we do in the office with normal, everyday activities. We believe that many children with special health care needs can reach a high level of comfort in the dental environment by using this approach.


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At Affiliated Dental Specialists, our Gurnee and Vernon Hills pediatric dentists take every step to ensure that both you and your child are comfortable and happy while in our office and with the level of care that we provide. Please feel free to contact one of our Vernon Hills and Gurnee pediatric dental offices today to schedule an appointment. 

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