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Tooth Colored Fillings

Our Gurnee and Vernon Hills, IL pediatric dentists make every effort to ensure that your child leaves our offices with a clean, healthy mouth. However, despite some of our best efforts, kids sometimes get cavities. When we see a pediatric patient with a dental cavity, we will usually administer a tooth-colored filling, or white filling.
What are White Fillings?

White fillings are made up of a composite resin that is similar in color and texture to your child’s teeth. These fillings will blend in, making them less noticeable and much more attractive.

What are the Advantages of White Fillings?

There are many advantages of white fillings:

  • Because the composite resin is tooth-colored, white fillings look much more natural than other filling materials.
  • White fillings are completely mercury free, unlike older amalgam fillings, or silver fillings.
  • White fillings bond with the teeth from the inside, helping to increase their strength.
  • White fillings last much longer than amalgam fillings, which often need to be replaced later in life.

Is a White Filling Right For My Child?

Tooth colored fillings are not for every tooth. They work best in small restorations and low-stress areas. At our Vernon Hills and Gurnee pediatric dentistry offices, we will always offer your child tooth colored fillings if possible. Occasionally, cavities on baby molars will cover multiple surfaces of the tooth, making it difficult to ensure the longevity of a white filling. In this instance, a stainless steel crown may be needed in order to place the most predictable, long lasting restoration for your child.


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