Happy Cheese Lovers Day

Happy Cheese Lovers Day! Enjoy some cheese, it’s a great way to get calcium and nutrients that are good for your teeth. A slice of cheddar can make a grilled burger so much better. Plus, who doesn’t love a cheese platter? Put together a cheese board with three of your most favorite cheeses to share with family and friends. Buy a cheese that you have not yet tried. Experiment with new and unusual pairings for it. Research also suggests that eating more dairy may lower your chances for developing gum disease. So go ahead and say cheese! Create a fabulous cheese pic for your Instagram and share it on our Instagram page.

Dr. Orbon is in the News

Dr. Orbon loves sharing his experiences from the El Niño Rey mission trips he’s been taking every February for the last 21 years. If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Orbon about the annual trips to Mexico, you’ll be in for a treat by reading this latest article. Enjoy!

October at Affiliated

October is always busy at Affiliated with Breast Cancer Awareness, National Orthodontic Health Month, National Dental Hygiene Month, Halloween and so much more! Be sure to visit mouthhealthy.org for the latest coloring and activity sheets. Bring your artwork to your next appointment and we will show it off on the screens in our offices and/or social media. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of any contests or events at Affiliated Dental Specialists.

Travis Enters the Affiliated Fish Club

Travis entered the Affiliated Fish Club with these great catch photos. Clearly, Travis has been busy fishing for large mouth bass this year! Earlier this year, Travis and his friend caught a whopper off the dock at Warren Township Center. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Travis reeled in this catch at Land O Lakes, WI.

You can enter the Affiliated Fish Club too! Check out all the details on how to enter the Affiliated Fish Club by visiting the Patient Clubs page. Entries are posted on our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram with a parent’s or guardian’s permission.



Enter the Affiliated Fish Club

Are you already dreaming about fishing over the Memorial Day weekend? Join the club! The Affiliated Fish Club will be running thru the summer and we will be accepting your photos and/or videos of your catches. Visit our Patient Club Page for all the details and how you can win one of 3 gift cards. #affiliatedfishclub

The Affiliated Fish Club is Back!

Patients have been asking about the Affiliated Fish Club and it’s “offishal”, the Affiliated Fish Club is back! Find all the details about the Fish Club and how to be a part of it on our Patient Club Page.

April is National Facial Protection Month

Always protect your face and head from injury. Many oral and facial injuries can be easily prevented with the use of sports safety equipment like helmets and mouth guards. April is National Facial Protection Month! The next time you visit Dr. Klein or Dr. Lim, be sure to ask for a mouth guard to protect your smile of a lifetime.

Dr. Orbon and Mission Trip 2022

In 2001, Dr. James Orbon and a group of dental professionals and volunteers accompanied Rev. Matt Foley to return to Mexican villages of Guerrero, Mexico to foster and promote improved dental health. In the past 22 years, Dr. Orbon has been able to make twenty-four mission trips to Guerrero. Through donations and education, the team is now able to provide cleanings, fillings, extractions, and oral hygiene instructions.

Initially, the team was only able to provide extractions but through the help of others the mission has grown. Now there are two mission trips a year and over twenty different dentists providing care for the children and their families. Along with numerous volunteers and hygienists, the dentists have been able to help over 15,000 patients.

COVID Test Kits

The US Postal Service has begun taking orders for at-home coronavirus test kits. Households can order four rapid tests, which the Postal Service says will be shipped for free in late January. Place your order at https://special.usps.com/testkits for free at-home COVID-19 tests. Stay well!

Orthodontic Emergencies

During the holidays, there are plenty of parties and family gatherings with crunchy and sticky foods. Be prepared if an orthodontic emergency happens over the holidays.

Dr. Klein and Dr. Lim would like you to understand that accidents can happen during orthodontic treatment. When they do happen, it can result in a call or unplanned visit to our office for an emergency visit.

Initially, you may think it’s not a big deal, but Dr. Klein and Dr. Lim would like to remind you to make the call and don’t wait. The orthodontists of Affiliated Dental Specialists are your partners in creating your smile of a lifetime. If there is an urgent need, for example if you are in pain, or an injury has occurred, call the Vernon Hills office at 847-367-6055 or the Gurnee office at 847-263-1842 for an emergency appointment.

In the meantime, stock up on supplies to help discomfort. Essential items to keep in your medicine cabinet are:

  • Orthodontic wax
  • Dental floss
  • Interproximal brushes
  • Topical anesthetic (such as Orabase or Ora-Gel)
  • Over the counter pain relievers (such as one taken for a headache)

Plus, a warm salt water rinse can be soothing, as well. The recommended mixture is 1 tsp. salt to 8 oz. warm water.

Ultimately, an important part of successful orthodontic treatment is communicating with your orthodontist. If an emergency arises, it’s okay. Don’t panic. This hiccup shouldn’t have much of an impact on your overall treatment plan. Don’t forget, you play an essential role in your treatment. All you have to do is follow your orthodontist’s directions. Happy holidays and don’t eat hard or gooey treats.