Orthodontic FAQs

Answers To Common Orthodontic Questions From Our Gurnee & Vernon Hills Orthodontists

Here at Affiliated Dental Specialists in Gurnee and Vernon Hills, IL, we know that the thought of orthodontic care can bring up a lot of questions and doubts. When it comes to treatment options, financing, scheduling and hygiene, many different questions can arise. Our Vernon Hills and Gurnee orthodontists, Dr. Klein and Dr. Lim, along with their friendly team want you to feel as confident and comfortable whenever you’re with us and throughout the entirety of your treatment.

If you have a questions regarding orthodontics, we are always available during business hours or at your next appointment to answer it for you. If we are not in the office to discuss your questions with you, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if we have already answered it. Whether you are a patient with Sure Smile or Clarity clear braces, our orthodontic team wants to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you feel assured. We proudly serve patients of all ages from Gurnee, Vernon Hills, Lindenhurst, Libertyville, Grayslake and the surrounding communities. Call (847) 367-6055 or (847) 263-1842 to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. We look forward to seeing you in one of our offices soon!

Why should I choose an orthodontic specialist?

Dr. Klein is a board certified and licensed orthodontist in the state of Illinois, and a member of the American Association of Orthodontists. He is a dental specialist who has dedicated his career to building, correcting and perfecting smiles for all of his patients. Dr. Klein and Dr. Lim have completed two years of specialty orthodontic training and education beyond their dental school education. They are also certified to provide Sure Smile clear removable aligners. Our Gurnee orthodontists are experts in guiding the movement of teeth, helping jaws develop properly, and making your, or your child’s experience fun!

When should my child see an Orthodontist?

We agree with the American Association of Orthodontists that a child should first see an orthodontist by age 7. Evidence that a child’s jaw is not growing properly, or the teeth will not erupt properly can be seen as early as 6 years of age. Seeing your child by age 7 will give our orthodontists a good idea of your child’s dental development and allow them to determine the most optimal time to begin treatment, if necessary. Dr. Klein and Dr. Lim, our Gurnee and Vernon Hills braces and Sure Smile providers, can identify potential problems early and get you, or your child started off on the right foot.

Can I afford braces?

Yes. At Affiliated Dental Specialists, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve and maintain a straight, healthy smile. To meet the needs of our patients, we offer a wide variety of payment options for your family. Our experienced staff will help you find a payment plan that works within your budget.

What will happen at the first orthodontic appointment I have?

During your first orthodontic consultation, we will perform a thorough examination of the face, jaws and teeth. Our Libertyville orthodontist will tell you if orthodontic treatment is needed and when is the best time to start. Visit our First Visit page for more information.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment length depends on each patient’s specific orthodontic problem as well as the type of treatment, like clear braces or Sure Smile. In general, treatment times range from 12 to 30 months. The “average” time frame a person is in braces is approximately 22 months.

What do I do if there is an emergency with my braces?

If your braces are causing extreme pain or if something breaks, you should call our office. In most cases, we can address these issues over the telephone with you and problems can be remedied at home. If you require an emergency appointment, we will set aside time for you. If it is outside of business hours, please call us at (847) 367-6055 or (847) 263-1842. Your message will be forwarded to the doctor on call who will contact you as quickly as possible.

Will you help me file my dental insurance claims?

Yes. We are experts in orthodontic insurance benefits coordination. We will work with you and your insurance company to process your claims. Unfortunately, your dental insurance company will only pay for a portion of your dental care and not all dental insurance includes orthodontic treatment. We will help you find an affordable payment option and will estimate your portion and ask you to pay that amount at the time of service.

Will you take me as a patient even though I do not have dental insurance?

Yes. We welcome new patients of all ages, regardless of their insurance situations. We have a variety of affordable payment options available to our patients including a 0% interest plan for those who qualify.