We Named Our Latest Affiliated Parrot Fish!

Reid and Andres named our latest Affiliated Parrot Fish! Our two new parrot fish to join the Affiliated Fish Family in Vernon Hills are named Fay and Miles. Thank you Reid, Carlos and all the Affiliated Families for trying to come up with names for the latest members of our Affiliated Fish Family.

Everyday, we see what an important part our fish play at Affiliated Dental Specialists. Our patients constantly interact with our fish in the reception areas at our Vernon Hills and Gurnee offices. Our Doctors and Staff see and hear the joy and curiosity that our patients express when they stop by the aquariums before and after their dental visits. Patients ask what the names of the fish are, how old are they, why is a certain fish missing and the list goes on and on. We know the important role that our Affiliated fish family plays, and we love our fish family! We’re glad you love our fish family too!

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